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A Taste of Bali in Melbourne

Sometimes we don’t have the time or budget to go on an overseas trip but luckily, Avalon is positioned right next to Melbourne, an incredible multicultural city with all the amenities you could wish for. We know our customers are missing our flights to Bali, so while you’re waiting for international flights from Avalon to resume, why not have a look at these Balinese inspired activities right on your doorstep in Melbourne. 

  1. Visit a Balinese-inspired spa: There are many spas in Melbourne that offer Balinese-inspired treatments, such as massages, body scrubs, and facials. These spas feature Balinese decor and use natural, traditional ingredients. 
  1. Attend a Balinese cultural event: Melbourne is home to a vibrant Indonesian community, and there are often Balinese cultural events taking place throughout the year, such as Festival Indonesia in October. These events may feature traditional music and dance performances, arts and crafts, and authentic Balinese food.
  1. Dine at a Balinese restaurant: There are several Balinese restaurants in Melbourne that serve authentic dishes. Some options include Warung Agus, a family-run restaurant situated in North Melbourne that serves must-try items including nasi goreng, beef rendang, and Balinese chicken curry. Or Nusantara, a modern Balinese restaurant that offers a range of dishes inspired by the diverse cultures of Indonesia. Some of their popular items include the gado-gado, nasi tumpeng, and ikan bakar. Dining at one of these restaurants can transport you to Bali with its delicious flavors and traditional decor.
  1. Take a Balinese cooking class: Several cooking schools in Melbourne offer Balinese cooking classes, where you can learn to make some of your favorite Balinese dishes from experienced chefs. This can be a fun and interactive way to experience Balinese cuisine. Otao Kitchen in Abbotsford is one option that offers classes for all experience levels. 
  1. Visit a Balinese-themed hotel or resort: There are a few hotels and resorts in Melbourne that have Balinese-inspired decor and offer traditional treatments and activities, such as yoga and meditation. Balinese Spa Retreat on the outskirts of the city provides a relaxing escape amongst lush foliage and a taste of Balinese culture. 

These are just a few ways to experience Bali without leaving Melbourne. Whether you’re interested in food, culture, or relaxation, there are plenty of opportunities to explore Balinese traditions in the city. 

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