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Parking FAQ

The Melbourne Avalon Airport Electronic Parking Payment System is a modern parking solution designed to simplify and enhance your parking experience at the airport. It utilises advanced number plate recognition technology, allowing you to enter and exit the parking area seamlessly.

The system officially went live on November 28th, 2023.
If you have a pre-booking, the LPR system will link your license plate with the corresponding booking and the boom gate will automatically open. When you exit, the boom gate will read your license plate again and automatically open. Please note, if you have not pre-booked this function will not work. If you have pre-booked and your licence plate is not recognised, please scan the QR code provided with your booking confirmation e-mail.
Yes, you can! We encourage travellers to book their parking in advance through the Melbourne, Avalon Airport website. Booking in advance allows you to secure discounted rates and plan your parking.
If you have pre-booked parking, you will pay at the time of booking. If you have not pre-booked, you will need to either tap your credit card upon entry or take a ticket. If you tap your credit card, you will need to tap the same credit card at exit. You will be charged accordingly, and the boom gate will open. If you take a ticket, you can pay at the pay station located in the terminal when you return and then insert your ticket at the exit gate. Alternatively, insert your ticket upon exiting and pay at the gate.

The new electronic parking system at Melbourne Avalon Airport will be 100% cashless.

If you have any concerns, encounter issues, or have questions about the electronic parking payment system, please contact our dedicated customer support team at

Only for parkers who do not pre-book online.

Any parking that started prior to the new system going live on 28th November will be charged at our current parking rates (they are  listed here). Pay stations for this system will be in place until the 9th December. Customers exiting after this time who have an old system ticket are advised to see a Customer Service rep within the terminal who will process your payment manually.

Yes, pay stations are equipped with assistance call points. If you need immediate help or have any urgent concerns, our airport customer service team will be available to assist you.

Yes, with the new system there are a range of advanced features available to make it easier for families and regular travellers. On the website you will also be able to save your credit card in your profile for easy booking of parking in the future. 

Head towards our normal Terminal Parking and follow the signs directing you to the long-stay parking bays.Upon reaching the gate, our parking system will seamlessly recognize your number plate, granting you access to park.From there, it’s still an easy stroll to our Domestic Terminal!
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